TedX Education Amsterdam 31 oktober 2018

Mijn tekst voor de TedX education award 2018.

When my kids went to school they asked me to be a Lice mother. And I did.

After a few years I thought; “why don’t they ask me for something I really like”. Because I’m a building engineer you can ask me next to the teacher to explain how we use square meters in practice. I can explain in which context we use it, to define buildings. And with my studies and experiences I can be a roll-model. Not only for my own kids but also for all the kids in the classroom.

When I looked around in school at the other parents I saw so much potential. So many parents with different skills and expertise. For example: A mother who lived in two cultures. A carpenter who could make furniture for school together with the kids. And a doctor who knows much about the human body. All these parents can collaborate with the teachers to enrich education.

Why don’t they ask us for our expertise, I thought. So I asked the director of the school this question. She told me that they only know us as parents. They don’t know our passions or skills.

With this in mind the engineer in me thought: “if there is a problem, there must be a solution”. This was the moment when the idea of Klik the schoolnetwork came up. I was thinking about a database like google in which teachers and students could search for experts. All parents should have a profile  in the digital tool, with their Hobby’s, study’s, jobs and experiences.

Together with ‘De Nieuwste School’ in Tilburg and Studio Tast we made Klik the school network. At this moment Students from ‘De Nieuwste School’ are interviewing there parents and make there profiles in Klik the network.

With this tool each school can open up the local network around the school. Accessible for  all the students from the school, not only the happy few. Let’s enrich education together!

With Klik you can ask me to be a Lice mother. Then you get my time.

But if you ask me for my expertise you get my passion!

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